Diaper Wipes

This baby wipe “recipe” kit was given to me by my friend Jenn.  It’s simplicity is brilliant and effective.  I estimate that I save about a cent per wipe this way.

Items needed


  • 1/2 roll Bounty* Select-A-Size type paper towels
  • 2 cups water
  • 3 tablespoons baby wash
  • food storage container as tall as a half roll of towels, and with the diameter of the towels

Cut a roll of paper towels in half the short way.   Stuff it into the container.

Stuffed into the container. I think this is a Bounty HUGE roll, so it is a very tight fit.

Mix the baby wash with the water and pour over the towels.



Wait about 3 minutes and remove the tube by gently pulling it while twisting it in on itself.

Pulling and twisting it smaller…

…And it comes right out!

Find the edge of the towel inside the roll (where you just pulled out the tube) and pull it out.  The wipes will dispense from the middle.  Use for all your baby cleanup needs!

I really like using the Bounty GIANT or HUGE rolls, because it enables me to replace the roll less frequently.  Consequently, I upped the water and baby wash amounts.  Whatever size you use, be sure to check that it is Select-A-Size.  Some are, and some aren’t.

When my babe has diaper rash I like to omit the wash and just use water, so that there is no chance of me irritating her bum with chemicals. The ability to customize your wipes is very nice.

*I have tried using towels other than Bounty to try to save a few cents.  I went back to them because:

  • Not all towels are Select-A-Size (half width towels) and the larger towels do not work well – they get twisted up coming out of the inside of the roll.
  • Not all towels have a bumpy enough texture for truly effective poop-clean-y-ness.
  • Some 2-ply towels that had both of the above in their favor did not stay together, resulting in shifted layers and causing me the frustration of off-set perforations, or trying ineffectively to get the layers to be correct, only to have them shift again with the next use.

If you find a cheaper, equally effective towel, let me know.

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