Bluff Climb

Tim came home Monday night and on a whim decided to take me to climb the bluff.  There is a park full of trails a few miles from our house, and we went there for our adventure on one of the nicest September days I have ever lived through.

As it turned out, my dad was working in town and spent the night at our house, so he volunteered to watch Kira for us so we could walk unhindered.  I am glad of it too!  I can’t imagine climbing the trail we took with a backpack carrier and 20+ extra pounds!

The trail was very difficult, but we reached the top, with only one sit-down break in the middle.  I told Tim that if the trail maintainers ever decided to remove the “resting” log from across the path they would probably get a lot of flack from the locals.  He agreed.  Both of us felt like cardiac arrest was an imminent possibility until we came across the aforementioned log across the trail.  A perky skinny lady who passed us said, “Yeah, it’s not very long, but it’s very tough!” on her way by.

The topmost part, behind us.

It didn’t take us long to get to the top, but it was a good distance.  We started at the bottom, and the bluff in the picture below was level with us.

The little blue spot in the middle is a pond at the bottom of the bluff we climbed.

Afterward we rested, enjoyed the view, and took all these pictures bathed in evening sunlight.

The beloved Tim

Looking further into the coulee where the two bluffs meet.

Just a touch of fall color over La Crosse

Sandstone formations and Myrick Park swamp area in the background

More of Myrick Park

The golf course and tree-lush city beneath us.

Deeper into the coulee, and you can see it’s been a dry year.

We headed home after a little breather, and felt refreshed and energized.  I am so glad Tim took me out!  It was a great evening.  I grew up in the country and, in my opinion, there is not a better way to relax than to enjoy God’s beautiful creation with a loved companion.

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