Cake and Insults

I made a cake for my friend Bryan’s birthday.  It was a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, and chocolate shavings on top.  Thankfully he likes chocolate.  It was a pretty fancy cake, for me.  Here’s a picture of it.








But it wasn’t a like the cakes my friend Sarah makes.   Sarah makes AMAZING cakes.  She can look at a picture of anything and make a cake look like it.  She can make fondant into shapes and colors and patterns you wouldn’t believe.  She’s at least as good as the people on  that ‘Ace of Cakes’ show.  I can’t describe how completely complex and playful or beautiful and perfect she can make cakes, so I will let the pictures speak for themselves.  Below are just a few of the many she has made.

Farm cakeLily cake

Garden cake


Hello Kitty, if you couldn't tell.


For a 1st birthday

For a different 1st birthday ship cake

They are way better than my cake.

I was thinking about how if someone asks me to make them a cake for their birthday, they will probably get just what I made for Bryan.  Something in a 9×13 pan, with frosting (maybe) and it will taste good and be a good, average birthday cake.

But if anyone asks Sarah to make for them a birthday cake, they will get something as special as the ones above.  It would almost be an insult to her creative genius if we were to ask anything less of her.  And if she decided to undertake the time-consuming task of making a cake, she wouldn’t plan to do anything less than exquisite.  Because that’s how she is.  It’s part of her nature (or developed habits) to do the best she can.  And for her, the best is truly amazing.

So, I am wondering if we insult God sometimes by asking Him for less than He is capable of.  Do we ask for cake and assume we’re going to get my chocolate thing, instead of Sarah’s towering works of art?  If we ask for comfort when we should be asking for healing.  When we ask for help “to be a better person” (whatever that means) instead of asking God to remake us to look like Jesus.  If we assume that it’s because we’re the ones asking, that it’s unlikely that God wants to do something amazing and unique and beautiful in our lives and in the lives of our loved ones.

I am trying to figure out what life would be like if I were to start to expect God’s best from Him.  He says it’s more than I can ask or imagine.  He says He’s a physician- so I should assume He wants to heal.  He says He’s mighty to save- so I should assume He wants to save people, probably from some of the difficulties of this life, and certainly from eternity away from Him.  He says He’s Love- why wouldn’t I go to Him when I am lonely or afraid or insecure?  He says He created all- that includes me, so shouldn’t I ask Him what sort of person I am?  What sort of person He created me to be?  He says I can do all things through Him- so what am I trying to undertake?  Is it an insult to Him?  Less than His best?

I don’t want to insult Him or live like He is less than He is.  God is Good.  And we should expect His best from Him, even if He doesn’t meet our personal expectations- for whatever reason.   I understand that I can’t put God in a box and make Him do whatever I ask, but what if He is waiting for us to ask Him to do something amazing, and we just don’t believe He wants to, or is able to, or will if we’re the ones asking?  I hope that I can understand this tricky topic more, so help me out- what are your opinions or views on it?  What have you come across in the Bible, or in life that affirms or contradicts what I have written above?

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