• Time is ever marching forward,
  • Stalwart soldier moving forth.
  • Slave to sun and moon and stars,
  • It cannot change or stay it’s course.
  • Stomping forth, it blazes on.
  • Sweeping over all as one.
  • It has to be impartial toward
  • Those caught up in it’s undertow.
  • Tangled up, I am within.
  • Called by One outside of Time.
  • He beckons me to step outside
  • The path of marching soldier-slave.
  • But can I move outside of Time?
  • Is it not a law on Earth?
  • “And yet,” He says, “All things can be”
  • “When on Me your life is aimed.”
  • I take His hand and ever slowly
  • Ease my very break-neck pace.
  • I notice how the world turns gently,
  • Rhythmic – moving by His grace.
  • No longer marching, stomping, sweeping, 
  • I am moving to His song.
  • Dancing through the days of life,
  • Preparing soul for life eternal.
  • I’ve time to hold the ones I love, 
  • To smell and feel and see and hear.
  • I’m hoping we will all be ready
  • For the days that last ten thousand years.
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