Stay Here.

“Stay here,” You say,

“My little girl, right where I have placed you.

Stay here and do as I have told.

Don’t move away from here.”


“Don’t go,” You say.

I wonder why You won’t allow me room to

do and be and make and think

The things I’d put my mind to.


“Don’t move.” You say.

“Look at your boy, Oh, how he’d like to wander.

You know he’s young, it isn’t safe,

you keep him at your side.”


“Keep still,” You say.

And still your dreams, I know them and I’ll use them,

Just give me time, I’ll make a way

Be, still, you have to trust Me.”


“Keep calm,” You say,

As if I could, instead of getting angry

About this role You’ve given me

A heavy laden burden.


“Here, here,” You say,

so patiently, “I know all your struggles.

I’m with you where, throughout the day,

I see their tears and snuggles.”


“Be here,” You say,

think thoughts of home, and children and your husband.

Make this a place of rest and peace,

and thereby honor me.”


“Rest here, My love,

My lovely one, so eager and so brave.

I’ll make it good, I’m here to stay,

I’ll lift your heavy load.”


“Stop here, My Love,

My little wife, come near and hear my heart.

Please do not move away from me,

It tears my soul apart.”


“Love here, My girl,

it’s all I’ve asked, love here a little while.

It seems so long, but it is not,

You’ll grieve it when it’s past.”


“Stay here,” You say,

I know I must, though heart and mind would wander.

I hope to make you proud, someday,

You say, “I couldn’t be prouder.”


“I’ll stay,” I say,

“Though it is hard to keep denying self.

I know Your plan is good today,

I’ll try to still myself.”


“I’ll love,” I say,

“My kids and spouse, and care for this, my home.

Preparing meals and meeting needs, and

Teaching right from wrong.”


“I’ll try,” I say,

“Working along, with peace and grace and joy,

and when I fall You’ll pick me up,

You’ll bid me carry on.”


“I know,” I say,

“You love me so, You bless me with this life,

I’m sorry I get restless here,

and hope for better times.”


“Your voice,” I say,

“Is near some days, and others sounds so far,

Please let me hear You speak each day,

I’ll never wander far.”


“I’ll stop,” I say,

“To hear You oft and soft and kindly merry,

I long for You, and hope You’ll stay,

And light my lonely day.”


“Stay here,” You say,

“I love you so, my plan is good, I told you.

I’ll heat you so, with this hot fire,

your life will be of gold.”

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