Your desert landscape blows through my soul

With hot and cold, complaining winds.

Dry and gritty with sand, remote and barren.

I see you.


I see you there, standing against the wind.

Defying the elements as you cling to this life.

With all you have, you grasp the little water and

Store it for later in your thin body,

Sure it will not come again, you hold it and do not give a drop.


Rosy skies herald suns as they rise and set above you,

Beckoning the cold of night, or the heat of day,

But for you, no comfort. East to west, never ending,

Arcs in the sky above. You stand so strong,

Just hoping to make it through one more day.


You stretch your hands to the sky, less sand in the air up here.

Your arms ache, grit irritates.  You wonder when it will stop.

Why does the wind always blow?  Could it not cease for an instant?

It whispers your name, and wakes you

From your uncommon sleep.  You long for rest.


I whisper, wait and watch.  I blow past you,

wake you from your sleep.  I rise and set, light the sky for you.

I rain down on you, seep softly into your soul.  I never cease calling you.

I’d comfort you, if you’d let me.  I’d rain down in sheeting pours,

You’d explode from overabundance.  I am the rest your soul craves.

I see your strength, your fear, your heat and cold.

I’d give you eternity.  Only one thing I would ask.  One thing:

Will you bloom for me?


I would see your beauty unfold, a rare desert flower.

See you nourish the little creatures with your abundant nectar.

I would see you laugh in the cool of the long night,

And give yourself to the breeze as it fingers your petals.

Will you bloom for me?


I would see you grow strong from my rain. My light would

Energize you to give and give and give some more.  And then

I would encircle you in my gentle arms and you would sleep.

Peace and rest, so longed for, would be yours whenever you need.

Will you bloom for me?

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