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Uganda (part 2)

November last year I attended my first Days for Girls sewing event, as detailed in this post.  Before leaving that day I pulled myself together enough to talk to Shannon and her right hand lady Dee, to give them a … Continue reading

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Uganda (Part 1)

It’s been a while since I’ve written, and a lot has happened.  Last spring we found out that my third pregnancy was twins.  That was a scary surprise, and we began to prepare ourselves for the worst.  We already had … Continue reading

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Today I am writing in the first free time I’ve managed since the birth of my second daughter, Naomi.  She is almost 7 weeks old, but as anyone who has had a baby knows, life is crazy for a while.  … Continue reading

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Time is ever marching forward, Stalwart soldier moving forth. Slave to sun and moon and stars, It cannot change or stay it’s course. Stomping forth, it blazes on. Sweeping over all as one. It has to be impartial toward Those … Continue reading

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I was on a mini vacation last weekend.  We went up to the Chequamegon national forest to a lovely cabin that my aunt and uncle own.  They generously let us stay, and our only regret was that the stay was … Continue reading

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Cake and Insults

I made a cake for my friend Bryan’s birthday.  It was a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, and chocolate shavings on top.  Thankfully he likes chocolate.  It was a pretty fancy cake, for me.  Here’s a picture of it.   … Continue reading

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Imagine we are in a hallway that has a dark end.  There in the dark is a door to a room.  We go to the end of that hallway, and I ask you to open the door, but you refuse. … Continue reading

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I am hungry to be used by God.  I have a very large appetite for change in people that must be credited to God, and I really want to be a part of it.  The sooner, the better.  Recently I … Continue reading

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Shark Hat

I undertook to make a shark hat for my nephew Ben for Christmas this year.  I had made an outrageous owl hat for Kira, and my sister let me know that Ben is “ok” with having animal hats.  This was, … Continue reading

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Naan (pronounced: non) is a traditional Indian flatbread that is really really delicious.  It’s a yeast bread, so prepare for the process to take much of the day (not all hands-on). Yield: about 10  5″ diameter naan Time:  about 1 … Continue reading

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